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Lower Peaks in the Valley in East Tennessee

Morristown Utility Systems (MUS) has deployed conservation voltage regulation (CVR) technology from Efacec ACS across its transmission and distribution systems, allowing it to conserve voltage in a load-responsive manner while keeping within the ANSI C84.1 (114-126 volt) range required for end-use voltage in North America.  The VR application runs on MUS’ PRISM SCADA System from Efacec ACS, using end-of-line voltage alarms provided by the utility’s Tantalus AMI system to enable highly accurate closed-loop-control capability.

“The new technology empowers us to not only comply with voltage control demand response directives we receive from the Tennessee Valley Authority, but to manage load resources in a highly targeted manner. It helps us minimize our peak demand charges and deliver consistent customer experience, helping to keep rates low,” said Jim Belcher, a Morristown demand response engineer.

The voltage reduction solution is part of Morristown’s plan to decrease overall peak demand charges throughout the year. And with the integrated AMI system delivering customer voltages, alarms and demand data from electric smart meters via DNP to the PRISM SCADA System, Morristown can automatically adjust voltage and manage load responsively throughout daily operations.

Efacec ACS CEO José Barbosa said, “What Morristown has done provides a compelling example of the tremendous potential of advanced approaches to peak shaving technology. We are excited about the interest we are seeing in this application, and the potential for savings it presents to all of our TVA utilities.”


About Morristown Utility Systems
Morristown Utility Systems provides water and power services to approximately 15,000 customers within the municipal boundaries of Morristown, in the East Tennessee Valley. Morristown Utility Systems consists of three separately funded and audited divisions: the power system, water system and telecommunications.

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