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ACS Launches GridVu and POWR Mobile Utility Solutions

Two new families of mobile tools from Advanced Control Systems (ACS) will equip utilities to better manage power outages and communicate with customers, while providing work crews with powerful tools for accessing real-time information in the field. GridVu™ applications provide critical map-based information to both utility crews and utility customers, while the new POWR™ mobile applications provide access to detailed system data to enable crews to work more efficiently in the field and perform critical system damage assessment. 
GridVu Public allows customers to use mobile devices or a web portal to readily learn where and what kind of problem is affecting their service and when it is likely to be resolved. It uses simple, intuitive icons and colorization overlaid on user-friendly Google maps to help utilities be proactive in their communication to customers. GridVu Network is used by utility field personnel and remotely located utility management to easily visualize the status of power system devices, the location and extent of outages, planned work and switching orders – combined with the real-time network topology over Google Maps. GridVu Storm is actually available as two distinct modules – one that is public-facing to provide customers with critical emergency management information related to the power system; the other is a crew-centric version that provides utility personnel with the tools needed to perform field damage assessment and provide reports to the control center. Providing the public with ready access to this information helps to promote security and safety in the community when disasters strike.
“In our instant information society, the public expects ready access to details on power outages and restoration progress. GridVu lets utilities easily provide such information, and the related visual tools for crews improve safety and efficiency with critical system information presented in a geospatial context,” said José Barbosa, CEO of ACS. “These tools greatly enhance the power of modern outage and distribution management systems.” 
The POWR™ mobile applications are used by utility crews, and present critical system information in easily usable tabular form. The family of applications includes POWR Mobile, POWR Survey, and POWR Switch – for managing outage tickets, providing storm survey assessment records, and viewing details on assigned switching orders, respectively.
The ACS mobile tools integrate tightly with the utility control center OMS and/or DMS, depending on the application and type of information being presented. The applications provide data persistence through advanced browser technology such as HTML5, ensuring valuable information is not lost due to problems with wireless networks that may arise during storms.

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