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Efacec ACS selected to deliver integrated DMS/OMS to Glendale Water and Power

Efacec ACS, a pioneer in the development of smart automation systems, has been cho- sen by Glendale Water and Power (GWP) to provide its PRISMTM advanced outage management (OMS) and distribu- tion management (DMS) solutions as part of the municipal utility’s progressive Smart Grid program. GWP selected the OMS and DMS from Efacec ACS to be deployed as an extension of the Efacec ACS PRISMTM SCADA system already in place at the utility.


“Efacec ACS presented the best approach to meeting our goals of increased reliability, security, and efficiency with their integrated distribution and outage management applications,” said GWP General Manager & CEO Glenn Steiger. “The deployment of the PRISMTM advanced DMS will help to fully leverage the investments we’ve made in automating our distribution network, and enable us to provide enhanced outage response and service to our customers.”


Based on Efacec ACS’ scalable and open PRISMTM platform, the GWP system will be delivered with advanced distribu- tion applications such as optimal switching, fault detection isolation and restoration (FDIR), dispatcher power flow, and integrated volt/VAR control (IVVC).


The solution also includes comprehensive, real-time outage management functionality—using the same network model, database and operator interface--providing GWP personnel with enhanced network visualization and true real-time performance that is crucial to effective operations during outage events. The OMS applications include: call taking/call management, automatic prediction analysis, incident and outage ticket generation, work order manage- ment, crew management, real-time performance indices calculations, and a MultiSpeak® interface to the existing interactive voice response (IVR) system.


“Efacec ACS has one of the only DMS/OMS solutions that is truly integrated and built from the ground up on a com- mon platform,” said Efacec ACS Chief Technology Officer Gary Ockwell. “Glendale Water and Power recognizes the real operational advantages of this approach, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with them through the addition of Advanced DMS to their existing PRISM system.”



About Glendale Water and Power

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) is a municipal utility that serves the citizens and community of Glendale, California, including over 35,000 water and 88,000 electric customers. Glendale Water & Power’s vision is to provide their cus- tomers with reliable and sustainable water and power services that are cost-effective and innovative. www.glendale-



About Efacec ACS


Efacec ACS is a provider of smart grid solutions to the global electric power industry. The Efacec ACS software suite provides integrated distribution and outage management, simulation, optimization, and enterprise business intel- ligence. Our automation product lines include a wide range of flexible and cost-effective substation, distribution, and feeder automation solutions. Efacec ACS is powering the utility of the future – today. For more information, visit www.

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