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Dickson Electric System Chooses ACS for New SCADA Deployment

Efacec ACS has been selected by Dickson Electric System (DES) to provide its new SCADA system, including a suite of smart grid tools designed to maximize grid efficiency and advance reliability. DES is a public utility serving 35,000 customers in five counties just west of Nashville, TN.   The system being delivered to DES is Efacec ACS’ open-architecture and highly-available PRISMTM system, featuring redundant Linux servers and an advanced operator interface on high-performance Windows-based workstations.  Applications to be integrated with the system include:

•    Post Disturbance Analysis
•    eAlarm Email alarm/event notification
•    Redundant ICCP links
•    Network Topology Processor
•    MultiSpeak interface to Sensus AMI
•    PRISM Conservation Voltage Reduction

A critical element of the new system for DES is the deployment of the Efacec ACS Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) application.  The use of CVR will enable Dickson to help lower its TVA demand charges during times of peak energy use, while using feedback from the AMI system to ensure that customer use voltages are maintained within the ANSI C84.1 (114-126 volt) range.  

General Manager Darrell Gillespie of Dickson Electric System said, “Dickson is a small town with a big commitment to reliability. The new technology allows us to advance grid reliability and deliver consistent electric service to our customers -- while maximizing compliance with TVA pricing structures.”

Efacec ACS CEO Jose Barbosa said, “We are delighted to welcome Dickson Electric to the large family of PRISM users.  DES is a progressive municipal utility that has acknowledged the value of our proven Smart Grid solutions to help them optimize network operations and provide reliable service to their customers.”

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