Substation Automation Solutions



Our solution portfolio offers a wide range of flexible and cost–effective substation, distribution and feeder automation solutions. The ACS product line also includes the most sophisticated remote terminal units (RTU) in the industry—our NTX series of intelligent automation controllers, available in pole-top and substation models.


As older substations are modernized or new substations are built, more device integration capability and less local I/O will be required. We support all applications with highly reliable, technically advanced client/server, peer–to–peer distributed multiple 32–bit microprocessor technology. Incorporating an embedded Linux® operating system that is fully secured (with no user accessibility) provides a stable platform for all distributed microprocessor nodes in each model. Our integration of IEDs is completely vendor-transparent. And anyone with Windows® experience will find NTX Explorer Configuration and Monitor tools very intuitive. It’s as close to plug–and–play as you can get.


All NTX series models can be configured with high–speed isolated RS–232 or RS–485 serial and 10/100 Base T DNP3 over TCP/IP or UDP Ethernet ports, as well as serial ports supporting most popular legacy protocols. The NTX series also incorporates both serial and TCP/IP or UDP Modbus RTU protocol. Both serial and TCP/IP DNP3 and Modbus RTU protocol emulations are configurable as a client, a server, or multiples of both.


We offer an NTX series product for virtually any utility automation application.

Automation Controllers


The NTX-20 controller is an economical solution for feeder automation where Ethernet and/or serial connectivity is desired.

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The NTX-200 Substation Controller, smallest of our NTX Series modular substation system designs, incorporates complete substation management functionality. It also adds the ability to interface to a large amount of data from IEDs and to a small to medium amount of locally-wired data acquisition and control devices in the substation.

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The NTX-220 Substation Controller, the mid-size version of the ACS NTX series substation systems, provides complete substation management functionality. It also adds the ability to interface to a very large amount of data from integrated IEDs, and to a medium to large amount of data from hardwired local I/O devices in the substation.

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The NTX-240 Substation Controller, another mid-size version of the ACS NTX series substation systems, provides complete substation management functionality. It also adds the ability to interface to a large amount of data from IEDs and to upgrade legacy RTUs interfacing to a medium to large amount of locally-wired I/O devices in the substation. It does not provide any local I/O slots, and is primarily designed to upgrade existing legacy ACS and 2nd source RTUs.

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The NTX-260 Substation Controller is the top-of-the-line of our NTX Series substation system designs. It incorporates complete substation management functionality for extra-large data concentration and protocol translation, while supporting a very large amount of local I/O for full integration of old and new substation designs.

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NTX Explorer Software

The NTX Explorer and Monitor programs are powerful yet easy-to-use configuration and troubleshooting tools for the NTX family of controllers.  Explorer is supported on PCs running the Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows 7 operating systems.  Drag–and–drop techniques are employed for database–mapping in the controller.  NTX Explorer is used for configuration of the unit in the field or from the convenience of your office.  

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NTX Logic

NTX Logic is a programming application that runs on the NTX Series substation controllers to provide powerful and sophisticated capability for running local control processes.  It combines ladder logic capability with powerful function blocks to give you the simplicity of a PLC with the performance of a high-end process controller.  

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RTU Upgrades

Legacy RTU Upgrades

The key to the vast savings in time and money lies in our upgrade approach that allows you to leave the local I/O terminations and original field I/O wiring in place. If any of the I/O interfaces are active PCB modules that are unreliable or not adaptable to an NTX series interface, we may be able to replace the original vendor’s I/O terminations with form and fit blank termination boards that have the same terminal block layout.

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NTX-U20 (GE D20 Upgrade)

The Advanced Control Systems (ACS) NTX-U20 is a cost-effective and feature-rich upgrade solution for GE D20 I/O peripheral panels. The NTX-U20 mounts directly to the existing WESTERM termination boards, eliminating the need to disturb or replace any of the existing field wiring.

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