Support Agreements


Full Subscription Service Program

Our Full Subscription Service program is the most popular option because it offers the benefits most of our customers seek. This level of service is intended to optimize system operation and to keep the software current with technological advancements. The primary benefit of Full Subscription service is that it offers a single point of contact. With this support option, ACS contracts directly with the computer manufacturer to service our customers’ hardware and operating system software. When a service request requires the computer manufacturer’s expertise, ACS manages the service. The hardware manufacturer and ACS team up to provide our customers with the best mix of technical expertise for their system.


The Full Subscription Service program also ensures that your application software remains up to date. ACS upgraded software releases, occurring typically once per year depending upon the application, are provided as part of this agreement at no additional cost. Installation support services for these upgrades are available via the Help Desk at no additional cost, or on–site services can be arranged at standard rates. Upgrades to integrated application software supplied by ACS partners can also be included in the Full Subscription Service Agreement.



Hardware Service

Full Subscription hardware service provides labor, materials and on–site response from the computer manufacturer.  Hardware Service also includes module repair charges for the ACS-manufactured Master Station equipment.



Software Service

Full Subscription software service includes operating system updates and OS upgrades from the computer manufacturer. Full Subscription software service also includes minor software product enhancements and major upgrade releases. 



BaseLine Service Program

BaseLine service is offered for those customers who wish to contract and individually manage any services required on their system. Software updates, while available for purchase, are not included with this program.  BaseLine service is intended for customers who choose to limit future software updates on their system.

The BaseLine software service includes the ACS HelpDesk Telephone Support, Bulletin Board Services and minor software enhancements upon request. Customers who do not have a Full Subscription Software Support Agreement have the option of purchasing the latest license revision of their software.