The eAlarm application is an event notification program for the PRISM SCADA software. eAlarm provides the capability to send e-mails for events (or critical alarms that require immediate attention) to a user-defined list of recipients away from the control center.  An event may represent the operation of a switch, a limit violation of a telemetry point, or a control action by an operator, or any other action which can be stored as an event in the PRISM SCADA database.
eAlarm provides the capability for the user to define precisely what is to be considered a critical alarm or event.  Selected points can be digital status or numeric telemetry.  The eAlarm application has the capability to define up to 20 different e-mail addresses for notification purposes.  Of course, e-mail groups can be defined on the mail server such that multiple people (by job type, location, etc.) may be notified per email address.  Addresses may be put into any address field, including “To,” “Cc,” and “Bcc”.


The application provides the following features:

  • Prepare and send email of alarms/events to notify of all selected events.
  • Use of alarm/event time stamp and text.
  • Utilize priority and Area-Of-Assignment (AOA).
  • Send notifications to up to 20 e–mail addresses.
  • Useful for notification for night operation.
  • Ability to turn-off/turn-on via a poke point target (status point).


The application uses the Area of Assignment (AOA) capability of PRISM SCADA to retrieve the alarms/events. 


It has two modes of operation:  

  • The eAlarm application can be scheduled to run on pre-defined intervals. In this case, it collects a group of alarm/event messages that have occurred during the interval and writes them to a file. It then passes the information to the mail server. An e-mail may contain more than one alarm message.
  • When eAlarm is not scheduled to run on a pre-defined interval, it sends an e-mail for each alarm message.  Each e-mail sent to recipients contains one and only one alarm/event message as they occur.


More Information

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