Real-Time Redline


Real-time Redline is an application that enables the dispatcher/operator to maintain changes to the network connectivity directly through the dispatcher/operators user interface.  Not all changes to the network connectivity are a result of planned changes, such as those resulting from storm damage.  Neither are all changes permanent, such as temporary jumpers which are used to bypass civil construction or to allow outage-free maintenance.  Real-time Redline permits the system operator to accommodate such scenarios.  The Redline tool is intended to be easily used by the operator who can input ‘Cuts’ or ‘Jumpers’ quickly without performing changes in the GIS and undergoing a conversion process in order to reflect the actual network condition. 


These network changes are intended to remain in place until the temporary condition passes or until the GIS is updated to reflects new permanent network construction.  The PRISM Real-time OMS supports the ability to modify the network connectivity directly through the operator interface.  The operator can select a line to insert ‘Jumpers’ between line segments and or create ‘Cuts’.  The network topology model, upon which all network applications rely, will adjust accordingly to the Redline changes.  Where a ‘Cut’ is inserted the OMS will automatically create an Outage Ticket to mark the location of the generated outage. When the ‘Cut’ is removed, the Ticket is automatically removed and the Call Back customers are informed.


Planned redline changes can be added prior to their activation, which performs the actual network connectivity alteration.  In this way Redlines can be added prior to the crew actually implementing the change, and then activating it when the crew is ready to complete the change.  Individual Redlines can be activated at which time connectivity and topology is updated.  Subsequent updates to the network model originating from the GIS do not affect the existing Redlines.


All Cuts and Jumpers are marked by an icon on the map for easy identification.

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