Voltage Stability Analysis

Design Features

As part of the available PRISM/BSI EMS suite, the available On-line Voltage Stability Analysis and Enhancement with Available Transfer Capability Analysis (VSA&E-ATC) supports:


  • SC-ATC accurately determines the ATC and the required ancillary service of large-scale interconnected power systems. SC-ATC employs advanced techniques to handle the following static and dynamic security constraints of a list of credible contingencies: thermal limits, voltage limits, voltage stability limits and transient stability limits. SC-ATC also determines the required ancillary services such as VAR control and the service components that facilitate power transfers. The modeling capability of SC-ATC is very comprehensive.

  • VSA&E provides analysis, enhancement control for base case and critical contingencies, preventive control for insecure contingencies and load margin and sensitivity calculations with respect to voltage collapse.

  • RAS/SPS - This module provides comprehensive scripting language for modeling of Special Protection Systems (SPS) or Remedial Action Systems (RAS).

  • VSA&E supports contingencies where adjustments are made to the system based on the how the system reacts to the contingency, i.e., RAS and SPS. VSA models such contingencies, to include the RAS response in the model. VSA RAS modeling involves two functions, the first of which is to monitor the post contingent system condition for certain criteria violation and then second, if there is a violation, perform adjustments to produce a stable post-contingent system condition.

More Information

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