The PRISM SCADA software system from Advanced Control Systems has virtually become a de-facto industry standard, currently operating in over 200 electric utilities worldwide. Often basic SCADA systems are supplemented with applications specific to distribution, generation or transmission enterprises, as well as communications and security options. PRISM SCADA is the most complete offering on the market today. Because we have developed all our advanced applications for Distribution Management, Energy Management and Outage Management around the same high-performance real-time platform, your PRISM SCADA system can grow as your needs do, meaning you’re not left with a stranded investment or struggling with the successful integration of systems from multiple vendors.
Now in its eleventh major release, PRISM SCADA is the result of over 40 years of expertise serving the electric utility industry. Based upon a high-performance real-time data engine, the system is completely scalable – meaning that using intelligent distributed processing you can effectively grow your system with the addition of dedicated application processors or front end communication servers without re-building the system from the ground up. PRISM SCADA offers virtually unlimited expandability in terms of station addresses and data points, with systems in the field operating with a database size in the millions of real-time points.
Utilities need a system that is easy to deploy, and offers flexibility in the communications infrastructure utilized and supports all the available industry protocols. PRISM SCADA offers all of this and more. Communications processors support can support many serial channels as well as IP-based communication with virtually any RTU or IED in the field today. Advanced Control Systems is the SCADA vendor with the largest protocol library in the industry, and has been a key leader in the ongoing advancement of the DNP protocol and the development of the standards for DNP over IP.
Don’t settle for a “shrink-wrapped” distribution SCADA, electric SCADA or water SCADA from other SCADA vendors that will leave you with an obsolete system when growth and business changes dictate that you need a larger and more capable solution. The PRISM SCADA system will grow with you and ensure that your technology investment is protected.

SCADA Features

Standard Features of PRISM SCADA

The ACS PRISM software applications comply with applicable industry standards such as Open Software Foundation (OSF). All PRISM software applications are written in C++, are modular in design, and interact with the real-time database through a well-defined Real-Time Database Manager (RTDBM).

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The eAlarm application is an event notification program for PRISM.  eAlarm provides the capability to send e-mails for events (or critical alarms that require immediate attention) to a user-defined list of recipients away from the control center.  An event may represent the operation of a switch, a limit violation of a telemetry point, or a control action by an operator, or any other action which can be stored as an event in the PRISM database.

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Historical Data Archiving

ACS takes an Enterprise approach to the input, capture, and dissemination of data in PRISM through our Historical Data Archive (HDA) system. The HDA solution allows for single point of entry & maintenance for the system with respect to archiving, collection, report building, analyzing, and publishing reports The HDA is an operational enterprise solution, in that any point defined in the PRISM system is available within the HDA for archiving, reporting, and backup.

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PRISM PlayBack is an optional application that can be utilized by the operator to replay system events and disturbances on the system display as if they were happening in real-time.  Analogous to a Video Recorder, the operator has PlayBack controls available for “Play”, “Pause”, “Stop”, “Fast Forward”, etc. to control the rate of replay.  Coupled with system data and world coordinate graphic displays, PRISM PlayBack provides the system engineer or dispatcher a “birds-eye” view of the grid, displaying past events in a time lapse sequence as they actually happened.

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Loss Minimization (LM)

The Loss Minimization (LM) function is designed to automatically monitor and control individual switchable capacitor banks in order to minimize overhead feeder losses. Feeder loss minimization is realized by reducing reactive power flows while maintaining voltages and power factors within specified limits. The LM is a real-time function and executes periodically at a dispatcher adjustable time interval.

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Short Term Load Forecasting

Short Term Load Forecasting (STLF) utilizes historical load and weather data to forecast the system load. It runs automatically at the beginning of each hour and prepares a 168–hour forecast. It can also be executed on demand to provide a 14–day forecast, beginning from the current day. Results obtained at each execution are saved in the real–time database for use by other application programs.

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The PRISM SwitchPlan application is a tool that allows operators and engineers to intuitively create and test switching plans in advance of their implementation. These plans are saved by name and can be retrieved and manually activated at any time by an operator. They can also be initiated by a time schedule or by real–time events. The Switch Order module includes a switching plan editor that allows direct interaction with existing SCADA displays.

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Voltage Control

PRISM Voltage Reduction monitors system conditions to automatically issue voltage reduction commands.  If the system load reaches the start target system load and the time criteria is correct, the program will issue controls to configured voltage control devices.  When the load is higher than the start target load limit, the program will increment the reduction step command for LTC devices if the specified criteria for voltage reduction are met.  The criteria involve user defined days and time of day windows for possible activation. 

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MultiSpeak® is a key industry-wide standard for enterprise application interoperability.  It has become the most widely applied standard in North America for distribution utilities and all portions of vertically-integrated utilities except in the generation and power marketing areas.  According to the MultiSpeak initiative, the standard is currently in use in daily operations of more than 725 electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipals, and public power districts in at least 19 different countries.

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ACS supports the Inter-control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP per IEC60870-6 TASE.2) standard for Master-to-Master system communications.

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Enterprise Service Bus

The objective of many utilities who are implementing a complex Smart Grid core infrastructure is that it will comprise an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), plus a common network model, both for interoperable communication, data definition and access. 

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Enterprise Reporting

PRISM Portal

The ACS PRISM Portal solution is an integrated set of applications designed to deliver a broad range of information, graphics, and data not only satisfying the needs of all functional departments within the utility enterprise, but also answering the expectations of demanding users in an ad-hoc manner.

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More Information

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