XpertSim™ from ACS is a breakthrough in dynamic distribution system simulation that can be used for system optimization/planning as well as dispatcher training with real-life system scenarios. With its innovative applications, utilities can achieve cost savings and operating performance increases previously considered unattainable.

XpertSim is easily scaled, so it creates exciting opportunities for budget-strapped utilities to improve customer satisfaction by minimizing outages and dynamically tuning the distribution system. XpertSim is a stand-alone program that can be positioned anywhere in your operational network with displays that can be integrated into your existing distribution management system (DMS).

XpertSim uses your DMS system to supply historic and real-time system data, and your GIS system to supply current spatial data. The information is integrated in a relational database, which uses a precise connectivity model to enable the operation of all the XpertSim applications:


  • Load Estimation--estimates individual feeder loads, based on load class (residential, commercial and industrial), load type, load curve, and load measurement.

  • Topology Processor--visualizes your network configuration based on system connectivity. It traces the network from source to load, detects and flags loop and island conditions, and identifies feeder lines with a unique color scheme.

  • Distribution Dispatcher Training Simulator--creates a realistic environment for hands-on dispatcher training under simulated normal, emergency, and restorative operating conditions.

  • Short Circuit Analysis--calculates fault currents from each source to the fault point. You can specify fault locations; selected fault conditions can be phase-to-ground, phase-to-phase, or three-phase.

  • Optimal Switching--analyzes your system and recommends switching procedures to optimize the network operation. Its operation does not affect the real-time operation of any other functions, but recommendations can be transferred to Switch Order automatically.

  • Protection Coordination--optimizes placement of relays, switches and other protective devices across your network, using a unique library of products and specifications. Changes are only implemented after you have determined the best possible combination of network factors, so you can perform a complete analysis without compromising real-time operation.

  • Optimal Capacitor Placement--tests alternate locations for any or all capacitor banks on any feeder line you select and makes recommendations for optimization, including solutions for minimizing feeder losses. No changes are made to the system until you have completed your analysis and approved modifications.

  • Volt/VAR Control--analyzes reactive power flows and determines control actions for switching the individual capacitor banks on or off. You can minimize feeder losses and still maintain the voltages and power factors at capacitor bank locations within specified limits. The software can automatically control feeder-based switchable capacitor banks.

  • Switch Order--allows operators and engineers to create and test switching plans in advance of their implementation. These plans are saved by name and can be retrieved and activated by an operator, initiated by a time schedule, or triggered by real-time events. The program features an editor that allows direct interaction with SCADA displays.

  • Dispatcher Load Flow--calculates secure system operating conditions and recommends strategies to optimize bus voltages and branch flows.

  • DG Modeling--models generic three–phase synchronous generator models on the distribution network to simulate the operation of DGs such as gas turbine, diesels, co–generators, wind generators, fuel cell, and photovoltaic generation, etc.

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