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PRISM mobile tools are offered within two primary product families.  The two product families, GridVu and POWR, are mutually exclusive, and may be purchased separately and added to the PRISM DMS or OMS at any time.

POWR and GridVu products function on iPad/Tablet/PCs and Smart Phone using an iOS, Android or Windows OS. Browser support for a single code line is provided for platform agnostic browsers: Chrome 10+, Safari 5 +. Check with ACS prior to using a different version or another browser.


PRISM mobile applications offer persistence of data even in the event of communication disruption. Due to a lack of confidence in the dependability of wireless network communications to the server, POWR uses advanced browser technology, such as HTML5, in order to accomplish data persistence. Non-HTML5 supported browsers, such as IE8 and IE9, are loaded with a third-party local database in order to provide persistence.


GridVu Public

GridVu public is a public facing view showing network outages. This view provides normal restoration infor-mation relative to the customer, such as number of outages, number of customers affected, restoration time, etc.

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GridVu Network

GridVu network displays general network information overlaid on the Google map. It displays the electrical network topology, as well as the location and status of network information such as tickets, work orders, crews, switch plan steps, and outage reports (e.g., calls or AMI).

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POWR Mobile

PRISM OMS Workforce Resource (POWR) is a product designed to provide the user personalized tabular OMS outage and non-outage work information, as well as network switch plan assignments for crews. POWR mobile is a personalized task list of all work that is assigned to each crew.

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POWR Survey

POWR survey is an application that enables the operator to visually manage the complexity of storm damage assessment. When a network is severely damaged, whether in whole or in part, POWRsurvey enables an operator to dispatch a crew, using the mobile application, to the area of the damaged feeder to perform a manual record or “survey” of the damage.

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POWR Switch

POWRswitch allows users of PRISM SwitchPlan to employ a mobile viewer that enables them to easily access all the details of any switch procedure in the field.

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