Topology Processor


Smart Grid distribution management and distribution automation functions and applications all rely on an accurate model of the state of the network. Rather than each application determining the network state or network topology, the Topology Processor (TP) calculates the current real-time state to be used by all of the applications as well as by the user interface to colorize the network maps.

Topology processor begins with the static model “as-built”’ connectivity of the network imported from the GIS. The update from the GIS is the source definition of the connectivity and serves to define the network structure. TP dynamically updates the connectivity by adding the telemetered and manually updated state of the switching devices in the network in order to calculate the ‘topology’. Other applications such as Real-time Redline enable the operator to apply cuts and jumpers which represent temporary of emergency network changes that affect connectivity and therefore topology.

Every system application dynamically adapts to the topology changes in real-time. Switching order creation applications which generate switching steps in order to meet various objective functions will likewise dynamically adapt to the real-time topology changes.

Topology Processor maintains in real-time the network configuration based on the network connectivity model and dynamic switch statuses. The function produces the visual and modeled topology of energized and de-energized sections or areas of the distribution system for display and analytical purposes. In addition, it provides visual features such as colorization to distinguish devices that are supplied from different feeders. In the event of a loop created in the distribution network due to switch operations, the function will provide visual indications to highlight all branch devices on the loop and alert the dispatcher.

The feeder network with real-time switch status is calculated to show the current state of the feeder’s topology. Each feeder is colored to show the extent of the circuit.

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