POWR Survey

Design Features

PRISM OMS Workforce Resource (POWR) applications are designed to provide the user personalized tabular OMS outage and non-outage work information, as well as network switch plan assignments for crews.  


POWRsurvey is an application designed to enable the operator to visually manage the complexity of assessing storm damage.  When a network is severely damaged, whether in whole or in part, POWRsurvey enables an operator to dispatch a crew, using the mobile application, to the area of the damaged feeder to perform a manual record or “survey” of the damage. The details of all assessed damage are uploaded to the control center, where the operator visually organizes and manages it for reconstruction and restoration.


POWR products function on iPad/Tablet/PCs and Smart Phone using an iOS, Android or Windows OS. Browser support for a single code line is provided for platform agnostic browsers: Chrome 10+, Safari 5 +. Check with ACS prior to using a different version or another browser.


More Information

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