Gary Ockwell Bio



Gary Ockwell is the Chief Technology Officer for Advanced Control Systems (ACS). He joined ACS in 1995, bringing 22 years of expertise in the global electric utility market.
Gary began his career with ACS as the Energy Management System Business Unit Manager, and has been the Chief Technology Officer since 2004. He has worked to transition ACS to integrated Transmission Management, Distribution Management and Outage Management Systems. As CTO, Gary is responsible for the Smart Grid product direction and roadmap. This includes defining the functionality and evolution of the core technologies and the integration of those technologies with those relevant in the industry.
From 1985 to 1995, Gary was the XA/21 SCADA/EMS Product Manager for Harris Controls Division. His responsibilities positioned him to make technology presentations for utilities in the domestic US, Southeast Asia, Middle East and European markets. Gary was responsible for defining product requirements, strategic planning, and direction for Harris’ Distribution Management and Distribution Automation Systems. He was also responsible for research/ evaluation of strategic alliances with key utilities and vendors, product coordination of substation computer systems, substation automation and distribution automation; technical proposal documentation, setting price strategy, in-house engineering direction, and major contract negotiations.
Prior to that, Gary was the Project Manager for Sask Power Corporation in Canada. While with Sask Power, he served as the overall project manager for the $21,000,000 system control project for the Gas and Electric System Control. His responsibilities included directly supervising the engineering design, system evaluation, procurement, control center construction and facilities installation for the GESC project.
Gary holds a B.S., EE Degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has authored and co-authored more than two dozen papers and articles for industry conferences and publications over the last twelve years. He is also an IEEE/PES member.